Women’s League

The 2023 Women’s Golf League is under Development.

Call us if you would like to be involved!

Call the Golf Shop for Details at 802-796-3586 Ext 2

Event Description
AGL Women’s League is an 18-hole, Thursday Morning, Golf League with a backwards shotgun start. Foursomes are drawn semi-randomly with an attempt to not leave a solitary walker in a group. Each week, one person in the League is responsible for choosing the “Game of the Day.” The game will be announced at lunch the previous week. Everyone will have the opportunity to be the game chooser. There is no up front charge for the league. Players are not required to play every Thursday. Players must sign up ahead of time on the bulletin board outside the Pro Shop, and call to cancel or add themselves, as the case may be, no fewer than 30 minutes prior to our tee off time.

Different “games” are played each week. Most, if not all, are based on “net” golf. All games played will result in a “post-able” score for the player. Players are required to post their game scores to the GHIN system within 3 days of the league play. Some of the “games” played in the past are described at the end of the document.

AGL LL begins mid-May and runs through mid-to late September. Early season tee off is usually at 9:00 am but check the board each week for the exact time. In July through September, tee off is at 8:30 am. Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to tee off so we can take attendance and draw the teams. If you run late, please call to confirm that you are coming at least 20 minutes prior to tee off. Players arriving late cannot be guaranteed a spot in a foursome.

Open To
All are welcome — Season Pass holders, Reward Card holders, guests, and drop-ins. In order to win “net” prizes, players must have a valid GHIN.

Entry Fee
$5 per person plus applicable greens fees and cart fees. Please see the Pro Shop for the price lists for greens fees and cart fees. The use of motorized carts is optional.

Please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the board just outside the pro shop or call the pro shop and ask that you be added. Please sign up by Wednesday afternoon. The league coordinators cannot guarantee your inclusion in the event if you sign up any later. If you signed up and cannot attend, please contact the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes prior to tee off.

Foursome Pairing
Foursomes (or other combinations) will be created the morning of play beginning 20 minutes prior to our shotgun start. We will attempt to never have a solitary walker in a group. Other than that, the groups will be semi-randomly put together. It is hoped that this maximizes the opportunity to play with different ladies. If you have a guest, we will place the guest in your group. Once the pairings have been created and announced, we will strive not to make changes.

100% of the entry fee total is awarded as pro-shop credit. Basis of win depends on the game, and is announced prior to starting the round. In general, we will pay 50% of the players some award, capping first place at $13. With more than twelve players playing individual golf, players may be divided into two or more groups, or we may choose to pay low gross and low net awards. Here are some example payouts:

  • 8 individual players – pay $11, $9, $7, $4
  • 4 2-person teams—pay ($10, $10), ($6, $6)
  • 9 players — pay $12, $9, $7, $5, $3
  • 10 players – pay $13, $10, $8, $6, $3
  • 5 2-person teams – pay ($11, $11), ($6, $6), ($3, $3)
  • 11 players – pay $13, $10, $8, $6, $4, $3
  • 6 2-person teams – pay ($12, $12), ($7, $7), ($5, $5)
  • 16 players – divide into two 8-person groups and pay 4 places in each group.

Pace of Play
It is required that all players complete their rounds in no more that 4 hours and 10 minutes. Failure to do this could result in forfeiture of awards. Use provisional balls to speed up play if there is any possibility of a lost ball. Players and their group members should help each other by watching strokes taken to assist in locating balls not in the fairway, if possible.

At the discretion of the person running the game, ties are broken by a match of cards using the hole handicaps, OR the tied players split the payouts. If scorecards are identical for the players/teams that are tied, the tie stands, and award will be split between the tied groups.


  • Standard Rules of Golf apply, except as noted below, and as listed as part of the AGL local rules
  • All ladies play from red tees.
  • Maximum course handicap is 38 – this occurs with the maximum GHIN of 40.4.
  • No “gimme” putts. The ball must be holed out.
  • When your ball lies in your Own Fairway, you may: Mark, Lift, Clean, and Re-Place your ball, no closer to the hole, within one club length of where it came to rest. You may not improve your lie – so if it is on a slope, it must be placed back on a similar slope, etc.
  • Person who manages Game of the Day is responsible for ensuring that next week’s person is selected.
  • Person who manages Game of the Day does the scoring for that game.

Chip-in Pot
One quarter ($.25) is collected from each player to participate in the Chip-In Pot. Anyone who gets a chip-in during the round shares in the pot, based on the number of chip-ins they produce. The pot rolls over to the next week if nobody has a chip-in for that day.

Season-long Events

  • Birdie Tree – cost is $5 per person for the season. Record birdies earned on League Day (only). At end of season, payout to each person is based on the number of birdies earned.
  • Ringer Board – cost is $5 per person for the season. On Day 1, record your score, in permanent ink, for each hole on Line 1 of your Ringer Board area. On subsequent League Days (only), record IN PENCIL on Line 2 any score that is better than the score on Line 1. If your score today is better than the score on Line 2, erase that score and put in the new score. At the end of the season, add up the Line 1 Score and subtract out the Line 2 Score (the best score on any hole). Payout is to the biggest difference.

Past Games

  • Straight net/gross golf.
  • Fewest Putts – keep track of putts on every hole. Winners have the fewest number of putts. No tie-breakers for this game. Ties share the award. No handicaps used.
  • Fewest shots to get on green – really just reverse “Fewest Putts.” FSTG=Total Score – Putts – Course Handicap.
  • Two-person team one best ball. Players play their own ball, and record their own score. Player’s handicaps are allocated to each hole based on the hole-handicap for the course. Team low gross/net scores are recorded for each hole.
  • Four-person team two best ball. Like above, except that two player scores are used for each hole.
  • Quota. Each player is assigned a Quota (Q), a score to obtain, based on their course handicap (CH). Q= 54 – CH. For each hole played, points are assigned based on the score obtained in relation to par. Double Bogey = 1 point; Bogey = 2 points; Par = 3 points; Birdie = 4 points; Eagle = 5 points. Add up all of your points (P). Your Game Score = P – Q. That is, the difference between the points you earned, and the points you were expected to earn, based on your handicap. The number 54 is chosen as a baseline because if you were a scratch golfer, you would have a zero CH, and you would be expected to par every hole, and if you did this, you would have earned 54 points — 18*3=54. Scores higher than double bogey are not awarded points.
  • Odd/Even – Only count scores on either the Odd or Even Holes. Use Handicap for those holes to determine net scores.
  • T and F/not (T and F) – Only count scores on holes that begin with either a T or an F or that DON’T begin with a T or an F. T holes: 2,3,10,12,13, F holes: 4,5,14,15; not(T and F) holes: 1,6,7,8,9,11,16,17,18. As with Odd/Even, use handicaps for the holes that are counted.